Isabella, Galápagos, Sunday, 13th December, 2009

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They promised us a sunrise between twin volcanoes, but the wake-up call didn't arrive and when I stumbled out of bed just after 6 I understood why; we were behind schedule and in any case, the peaks of Isabella were swathed in cloud. After a couple of cups of most delicious hot chocolate, I went back to bed!

After anchoring in Tagus Cove we were taken by Zodiac, first to see a few penguins and flightless cormorants, then to the landing point. With a good 1m swell and a steep rock on which to land, it was somewhat problematic, though in the end, easier than it looked. The lava was quite grippy, so there was little chance of slipping once you jumped.

Once again, the weather improved as time passed, and it was quite hot as we walked slowly up the trail, snapping away as we went. The target was a ridge, from which we could look north over vast lava flows from (I assume) Volcán Darwin. It was also mighty windy up there!

Before lunch there was a chance to snorkel, but the water was too cloudy to see much at the first site, and at the second the swell meant there was a real risk of getting washed onto the rocks, which wouldn't have been nice, so we rather quickly gave up. Just before getting back into the boat, someone pointed out a shoal of single-portion-sized silver fish swimming directly below us. No idea what they were.
Galapagos 331.jpg
Volcán Ecuador
Galapagos 378.jpg
Galapagos 392.jpg
Galapagos 379.jpg
Ash Strata
Galapagos 396.jpg
Strata and Surf
Galapagos 398.jpg
Steep Landing!
Galapagos 400.jpg
Lava Lizard
Galapagos 403a.jpg
Galapagos 405.jpg
Darwin Lake
Galapagos 407.jpg
Jennys 088.jpg
Galapagos 414.jpg
Galapagos 420.jpg
Galapagos 424.jpg
Lava flows
Galapagos 425.jpg
View from the top
Galapagos 434.jpg
Worn Trail

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