Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, Friday 11th December, 2009

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We awoke in Puerto Ayora on Isla Santa Cruz, and the Zodiacs dropped us at the jetty. Buses were waiting nearby and we were whisked off towards the central highlands. As we gained altitude, the vegetation changed. Just as Socrates was talking about the tree Opuntias only living in the lower, drier levels, so we noticed that they were thinning out and quickly vanished. I think he's given that talk before!

Eventually we stopped at a pair of sink holes. These had formed with liquid magma inside, but this had drained away, leaving a thin roof which had eventually collapsed, leaving vertically-sided holes several hundred metres wide. We spent a while looking at quite verdant plant cover, though saw rather little in the way of zoology.

Back down in Puerto Ayora we were dropped at the jetty whence Zodiacs took us to a hotel run by the tour company. On a (mercifully shaded!) patio by the pool we gorged ourselves on a barbecue, while watching herons, lava gulls and small ducks taking advantage of the pool.

After lunch we went to the Charles Darwin Research Centre across the bay where we were saw a little of the research they do there. There is a website where you can check out what they do and support them if you want. I support them simply because they're the driving force behind elimination of goats, cats, dogs, rats, mice and other introduced species that are doing so much damage in the archipeligo.
Galapagos 205.jpg
Sinkhole: Spanish Moss
Galapagos 206.jpg
Galapagos 209.jpg
Galapagos 215.jpg
Jennys 068.jpg
Tree with bromeliads
Galapagos 226.jpg
Galapagos 227.jpg
Galapagos 235.jpg
Lava Tunnel
Galapagos 236.jpg
Lava Tunnel
Galapagos 249.jpg
Galapagos 250.jpg
Tortoise & Ani
Galapagos 253.jpg
Galapagos 256.jpg
Unknown Plant
Galapagos 263.jpg
Flame Tree
Galapagos 270.jpg
Tree Opuntia
Galapagos 271.jpg
Galapagos 274.jpg
Swimming Pool
Galapagos 275.jpg
Galapagos 277.jpg
Great Blue Herons
Galapagos 278.jpg
Great Blue Heron
Galapagos 282.jpg
Lava Heron
Galapagos 283.jpg
Lava Lizard
Jennys 070.jpg
Marine Iguana
Galapagos 288.jpg
Lava Lizard
Galapagos 289.jpg
Group at CDRC
Galapagos 290.jpg
Tree Seeds
Galapagos 293.jpg
Yellow Warbler Finches
Galapagos 296.jpg
Land Iguana
Galapagos 300.jpg
Lava Heron

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