Santiago and Bartholome, Galapagos

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Our last day dawned clear and hot. We landed on the beach and set off for a gentle stroll along a shortish trail. We saw a pair of Galápagos hawks driving a juvenile away, but sadly I was too busy taking photographs to watch them properly, and then completely failed to get a decent photograph!

We saw lots of other birds, of which I've included a few photographs. There were many ground finches feeding in amongst the rocks, which Walter said was unusual, and suggested conditions were pretty tough inland. I gather they don't normally feed so far down the foreshore.

At the end of the trail someone spotted a brown Galápagos racer snake which was much too fast getting under its rock for me to photograph. My notes say it was about 50cm long and rather less than a centimetre thick.

Back at the beach the snorkelling did not proceed as smoothly as we'd have liked. I had trouble with my fins and made a good attempt at reducing sea level while I sorted them out. Then Jen's snorkel and mask were never right and after several attempts at fixing them, she gave up. She'd been feeling poorly with a tummy bug for a several days and had finally got some antibiotics from Dr Paula, but this meant her resiliance when things didn't go perfectly was lower than usual.

I carried on alone and it was definitely worth it, though most of what I saw was familiar from previous excursions. The prize, however, was a turtle which swam slowly by me. Having got covered with black, volcanic sand as I got out, I dumped my snorkelling kit and went back in for a dip. It was lovely just floating there, the high salinity making just drifting on my back really easy.

After lunch I started to feel less than perfect, so took to my bed for the afternoon while Jenny joined the others climbing the 365 steps to the summit of Bartholome. I didn't wait as long as Jenny to get the medication, not wanting to suffer the symptoms while flying home!
Galapagos 050.jpg
The Beach
Galapagos 391.jpg
Galapagos 435.jpg
Sea Lion
Galapagos 447.jpg
Beach Morning Glory
Galapagos 449.jpg
Petrified Boiling Mud
Galapagos 456.jpg
Galapagos 457.jpg
Rock Pool Garden Feature
Galapagos 477.jpg
American Oystercatchers
Galapagos 479.jpg
American Oystercatcher
Galapagos 483.jpg
Lava Lizard
Galapagos 487.jpg
Marine Iguana Trail
Galapagos 490.jpg
Lava Lizard
Galapagos 491.jpg
Sea Urchin
Galapagos 495.jpg
Fur Seal
Galapagos 497.jpg
Ground Finch
Galapagos 498.jpg
Morning Glory
Galapagos 524.jpg
Storm Petrels
Galapagos 501.jpg
Storm Petrel
Galapagos 373.jpg
Bartholome Anchorage
Galapagos 376.jpg
Bartholome Anchorage
Jennys 102.jpg
Pinnacle Rock
Jennys 103.jpg
Cinder Cones
Jennys 108.jpg
Cinder Cones
Jennys 104.jpg
Bartholome View

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