Seymour Island, Galápagos, Tuesday 8th December, 2009

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Having landed at Baltry, we were quickly transported by bus to the jetty, where we were collected by Zodiac and taken to Isabella II. We were struck by the fact that immediately, right there on the jetty, we saw examples of many of the animals we'd come to Galápagos specifically to see.

There were sea lions lounging on the benches which had been put there for passengers waiting to be picked up, marine iquanas soaking up the rays on the rocks along the foreshore, lava lizards also amongst the rocks, frigate birds overhead and boobies and pelicans circling and diving.

And to add that perfect touch, a couple of sea lion pups playing with iguanas in the sea, grabbing their tails and dragging them around while the poor iquanas tried to get out of the water. Very funny, though presumably less so if you're an iquana!

While we ate lunch, the Isabella II sailed up to Seymour Island and we were taken by Zodiac for a short walk. Although only 1.5km, this took a couple of hours!
Galapagos 021.jpg
Swallow-tailed gulls
Galapagos 069.jpg
Female frigate bird
Galapagos 073.jpg
Male frigate bird
Galapagos 074.jpg
Female land iguana
Galapagos 081.jpg
Blue-footed booby
Galapagos 114.jpg
I think this is a sanderling
Galapagos 098.jpg
Sea purslane
Galapagos 100.jpg
Breakers on the shore
Galapagos 109.jpg
Sunbeams over Daphne Major

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