Cordoba at Easter

Cordoba Easter, 2006

3 weeks in Australia

Australia Easter, 2007

National Academy of Science awards, May 2008

Jenny gets her gong! May, 2008

Venice, May 2008

Singing in Venice May, 2008

South Africa, September 2008

South Africa September, 2008

Galapagos, December 2009

Galápagos December, 2009

Florence, May 2010

Florence May, 2010

Assisi, June, 2012

Assisi June 2012

It may seem self-indulgent to put up pages of holiday photos, but in fact it makes it easier for our friends to not bother to look at them. How many of us truly want to spend hours looking at other people's holiday snaps? At least this way, they can take a quick squint and then pretend they've seen them. The structure of the pages is actually intended for my mum, so has rather more text describing where we went and what we did than would have been the case if I'd done it for friends or the world at large. Telling my mum all about it requires much more detail, it seems to me.